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This was the first painting I made while traveling in Indonesia. It’s reflective of rebirth, transformation, and sobriety.

One evening, I heard a knock on my door. Being late at night, I was surprised to see two of my neighbors; a couple from Indiana, who stopped by my apartment to bring me a pack of Oreo’s. 

Their little gesture really put a smile on my face, and encouraged me during a time where my body was detoxing from years with elusive sobriety.  

“Put them in the fridge. You’ll be glad you did.” they said. The gesture was so out of the ordinary, I could barely find words to thank them. 

Little gestures like that can mean the world for somebody. Often, you never realize what kind of impact you can make on the people around you. 

I titled this piece “Thomas” for two reasons. The first is because Thomas was the one who handed me the cookies. The second reason brings me back to a previous time in my life where I spoke to the universe; demanding more proof for existence of the divine. 

“I won’t believe until I put my hand in the wound” I said. 

While I haven’t yet found that answer, a gesture as small as a pack of Oreo’s gave me new encouragement that there is more to life than meets the eye. 

The color choices? Simple. Look at a pack of Oreo’s.


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51movement artwork is printed on finely-textured artist-grade cotton substrate, which displays the artwork with stunning clarity and detail, which will elevate the decor of your environment, and add new beauty to your life.
Frame details:
  • 100% Cotton fabric
  • Wooden frame
  • For indoor use
  • Includes wall mount
  • Printed in Colorado
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