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One of my favorite things about creating art is the process, itself. For most of my pieces, I allow the piece to direct each stroke as it happens. Often, this results in many, many layers that are hidden behind the finished painting. 

Life is a lot like artwork; there are many layers behind what you see on the outside of a person. Be gentle with your assessment, and realize the canvas may not yet be complete. 

I often find myself in miniature ‘dark zones’ of emotion, where the sky seems to fall. I’ve learned these moments are simply accents to the canvas of life. Necessary…though, never permanent. 

In this piece, I combine two separate images. The top half of the canvas is composed of a large yellow eye. 

The eye symbolizes perspective. On the right side of the eye is a brightly colored triangle. This represents our ability to cover what we see with a layer of beauty/gratitude. 

To the left of the eye is a small collection of dark streaks. These symbolize our interactions with darkness. Bright blue is used above the streams to signify our ability to always find light/love in a situation. 

On the bottom of the canvas, I created a plethora of triangles. These are symbolic of our world views, and our choice to create them with love – or fear. 

The smallest triangle appears to destruct itself in a burst of purple/yellow. The dark lines chase it down the bottom of the canvas; signifying fear’s ability to destroy. 

The middle pyramid is tall and erect, composed of long purple lines. These symbolize creating something new from the lessons (purple/yellow) of the past. 

Purple, in this case, is used to signify wisdom. 

The third, tallest pyramid has its’ peak lost in the center of the yellow eye. This signifies our highest calling;

Seeing the world through the all-knowing eye of unconditional love. 


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Limited to just 9 prints, this limited edition collectible canvas will be sure to add new beauty to your life.

My artwork is printed on finely-textured artist-grade cotton substrate, which displays the artwork with stunning clarity and detail.

Frame details:

  • 100% Cotton fabric
  • Wooden frame
  • For indoor use
  • Includes wall mount
  • Printed in Colorado
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