• Abba

      From: $199.00

      The word “abba” is an endearing term for “father” in the Hebrew language.  This piece represents the loss of my Dad and the frailty of life.  In the center of the piece, I painted two small figures, contained in the white shape. Here, you see father and son. One rises…

    • dogeatgod

      From: $199.00

      In 2019, I found myself walking through the streets of New York City.  Immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city, I noticed very few stopped to pay attention to the homeless, who lived in huddled masses against the backdrop of a city that’s supposed to be one of…

    • Familia


      As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how rich our family is to have such a beautiful spread of children. We’ve married, traveled the world, witnessed beautiful sights – together, and apart – and have grown into strong, independent adults that sincerely care for each other. Yet, we aren’t children anymore.…

    • guts


      On November 25th, I faced one of my darkest fears.  For most of my adult life, I’ve wondered why my Dad didn’t get his colon cancer symptoms checked by a doctor. In hindsight, a simple check-up would have saved his life.  That check-up never happened. For years, I wondered why. …

    • machina

      From: $50.00

      As a child, I had a very vivid imagination. Often, it would lead me through long afternoons, spent waging miniature battles with green army men – weaving elaborate stories and plots as the pieces charged across the battlefield. This imagination sometimes took me to some dark places. There were many…

    • pass over

      From: $199.00

      Nothing in the world can get between the love shared between Father and son. In my world, nothing can remove the pain from the loss of a loving Father. This piece is about the void I feel for my Father, who is shown as a dark figure on the right…

    • whisper

      I called this piece “Whisper” because it carries the theme of the dynamics in the image. Black/white, quiet/loud, peaceful/turbulent. In spite of the name, you can see the character is clearly not whispering. “How are you doing?” “I’m doing great! How about you?” Sound familiar? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve…

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