Aaron Plaat

    • vyper

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      This piece is about breaking free from the bondage of shame and humiliation that originates from within the message of christianity: “You need to get saved to go to heaven.” Well, you only need to be yourself to go to hell. The very idea of hell insinuates that you aren’t…

    • Warrior


      51movement artwork is printed on finely-textured artist-grade cotton substrate, which displays the artwork with stunning clarity and detail, which will elevate the decor of your environment, and add new beauty to your life. Frame details: 100% Cotton fabric Wooden frame For indoor use Includes wall mount Printed in Colorado

    • whisper

      I called this piece “Whisper” because it carries the theme of the dynamics in the image. Black/white, quiet/loud, peaceful/turbulent. In spite of the name, you can see the character is clearly not whispering. “How are you doing?” “I’m doing great! How about you?” Sound familiar? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve…

    • Word


      A lifetime of good memories can be tarnished by one minute of anger. In a large family, you learn to appreciate a lot of things. Memories, laughter, holidays spent together, and the persistent love and support often found in a family. Yet, as any family knows, one small argument can…

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